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Zakerkw was featured as a keynote speaker at the Bett Show event for information technology in education along with tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and others. Zakerkw had the chance to present many cases where it made a great impact by enabling warzone affected students to access its’ virtual academy content and demonstrated how its’ innovative gamification have enhanced the learning experience.
Zakerkw signed a contract with Mawhiba to have Saudi Arabia most gifted students on Zakerkw platform. This will help students unleash their talents and be more engaged with their education. They will have an access to local and international content and communities.
Zakerkw signed an MOU with Mr. Anthony Salcito, the Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft. The MOU covered various aspects of the partnership, including content collaboration, unified access and other areas that will serve more customers of both parties.
We targeted more than 100,000 students in the conflict zones to complete their education and do not miss their academic year. You may be aware that on March 2015 a war had been started in the southern area of Saudi Arabia, close to the Yemen border. Many schools closed their doors especially those located in what is called the “Red Zone” in the conflict area. This area is mountainous, remote and very rural. Around 110,000+ students were facing the possibility
Instead of what many individuals think, its not all data space could come to be particular the exact same. Online data area is employed by several business in business today. In the many scenarios, Electronic Data Area can always be opened up inside 30 minutes and the the greater part of those will provide multilingual access, mobile user software and a number of other easy alternatives. The digital data room is undoubtedly beginning to grow into the specific best-practice to