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Strategic Partners

Education, inspiration and technology are what zakerkw embraces to fulfill e-Learning integration and elevate education and training standards to compete globally on the highest grounds.

Strategic Technology Alliances


zakerkw is an authorized education partner (AEP) for Microsoft. We aim to provide the best educational e-services for our clients.

This partnership includes, but not limited to:

  • Single Sign-On: zakerkw users will be able to login to their account by using their Microsoft accounts (Hotmail, Live and Office 365).
  • Office 365: zakerkw users will be able to use Office 365 applications from within zakerkw which comprises a set of Microsoft educational applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for business, Exchange, SharePoint, etc).
  • Microsoft Academy (Imagine Academy): A virtual academy that provides training not only on core I.T. skills but also provide technical sessions on the latest Microsoft technologies and programs.
  • Activation: zakerkw through its activation department will facilitate and help the registration for Microsoft products for all zakerkw clients.


The partnership between zakerkw and Intel in education aims to provide an integrated educational solution for schools by providing Intel Education references and Intel Education Content Access Point which represents an excellent solution for school infrastructure.

Research & development efforts made by Intel in education have been very influential for more than ten years, providing the technology infrastructure for educational institutes and empowering students and educators with their online rich content. Their educational solutions have helped more than 10 million teachers in the development of the educational experience for hundreds of millions of students in more than one hundred countries.